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This hula-hooper is the epitome of Black Girl Magic
Nicole Goss was on a wellness journey when she fell in love with hula-hooping and has now created a space for other Black women to join in on the fun.
July 26, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
94-year-old grandma's dream comes true of wearing a wedding dress
Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker, 94, who was married in 1952 always wanted to wear a wedding dress but at the time Black women weren't allowed in bridal shops.
July 9, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
This dad who adopted his foster kids posts musical videos to challenge stereotypes
Jason Linton from Oklahoma has gone viral for videos of him playing a talk box, an effect, with his wife and three kids.
September 29, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
Black father and son set out to bring representation to stop motion film genre
Musa Bailey and his 7-year-old son Glen are creating a samurai stop motion film inspired by their own lives.
July 23, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
TikToker says there are more things interesting about you than just your body
Model and influencer Kari Kemp practices sustainable confidence and says to focus on the good of your body.
September 3, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
The story of a 23-year who lost 190 pounds and the challenges she faced along the way
MC Solomon, a singer from Dallas, TX, shares her story of how she lost weight and found that happiness is more than just the number on the scale.
July 14, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
This couple is on a mission to normalize interabled relationships
Winston and Mayfair Clements are an interabled couple based in London, and have a YouTube Channel dedicated to address the stigmas around disability.
August 16, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
Teen plays multiple instruments without use of both hands
Jesús Salinas, a 17-year-old burn survivor, doesn’t let his obstacles stop him from pursuing his passion for music.
August 6, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
This makeup artist is defying all odds
Bullied as a child because of her disability, Talya Reynolds overcame these barriers to achieve her dream of becoming a makeup artist.
August 31, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
Woman cleans strangers’ homes for free
Auri Katariina combines her passion for cleaning with helping others by cleaning strangers’ homes which can take up to 17 hours per house.
July 16, 2021 Video from GMA ABC News
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