12-Foot Alligator Captured at Houston-Area Shopping Center

The gator got lost and ended up in a parking lot.

— -- A Texas shopping center had a surprise visitor Saturday morning.

A 12-foot alligator was discovered outside the First Colony Commons Shopping Center in Sugar Land, Texas, according to ABC station KTRK-TV. It weighed over 800 pounds.

Alligator trapper Christy Kroborth handled the creature, which put up a fight before being subdued. She said the animal was lost and ended up in the parking lot.

A forklift was required to place the captured gator onto a truck.

Kroborth said the creature will be sent to Janik Alligators, an alligator sanctuary.

"He'll probably just live out the rest of his life and have girlfriends and make babies and be fed every day,” she said. “He'll be a happy gator.”