Crime Blotter: 'Naked Zorro' Alleged Flasher on the Loose

Aug. 26, 2005 -- -- A "Naked Zorro" is on the loose in Pennsylvania, a heavy conscience gets the better of an alleged thief, and a postal workers adds more than milk and sugar to his co-workers' coffee. "The Crime Blotter" is unapologetic and take its coffee black when it deals with odd tales in crime and punishment.

'Naked Zorro' on the Run in Pennsylvania

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania man dubbed "Naked Zorro" hasn't been sweeping women off their feet as authorities seek his arrest for a string of flashing incidents.

Police are not sure whether they are looking for just one person or two different people, but they say they have received complaints from women in Doylestown, and Bucks and Montgomery counties. The last reported incidents came in May, as three Doylestown women complained that they were approached by a man who talked dirty to them and then flashed them.

"I think it's disgusting," Mary Vogel, a concerned Newtown resident, told ABC News affiliate WPVI. "Us women have to struggle as it is and have to deal with a man flashing. It's not good."

Witnesses said the Zorro in the Doylestown incidents was covered with a cloak initially. His only other attire was sneakers. The alleged flasher in an earlier incident in Bucks County was reportedly wearing a "Zorro-type" mask.

Authorities say they want to find "Naked Zorro" and hope his behavior does not become more disruptive.

Thief with a Conscience Returns Stolen Goods -- 12 Years Later

READING, Pa. -- A heavy conscience apparently got the better of a thief who decided to return items he had stolen from a judge 12 years ago.

According to York County Common Pleas Judge Arthur E. Grim, a man approached him and gave him two out of the three antique mantel clocks he said he had stolen while the Berks County Courthouse was undergoing renovations in 1993.

"He said he was sorry and that is enough," Grim said. "As a human being and as a judge, I think this is enough."

Grim did not reveal the alleged robber's name and indicated he was not going to pursue a case against him. He estimated that the clocks were worth $125.

Grim said the man had the clocks refurbished before returning them. The third clock was not returned because its face-lift had not been completed. The man, Grim said, promised to return that item when it was fully refurbished.

Postal Employee Allegedly Puts Urine in Co-Workers' Coffee

AKRON, Ohio -- A postal worker is facing criminal charges for allegedly adding urine to his unsuspecting co-workers' coffee -- and his colleagues apparently caught him in the act.

Thomas Shaheen, 49, a vehicle mechanic for the U.S. Postal Service, was charged Aug. 5 with two misdemeanor counts of adulteration of food or placing harmful objects in food. His co-workers had complained that their coffee tasted peculiar and secretly set up a video camera in their break room. The camera, Ohio prosecutors say, caught Shaheen pouring what was believed to be urine into the coffee pot.

None of Shaheen's co-workers was physically harmed. Shaheen is due to appear in court on Aug. 29 and his defense attorney has not commented on the case.