Adorable Bear Family Frolicked on New Jersey Golf Course

The mother and her two cubs were spotted in New Jersey.

— -- A sunny day in a New Jersey town brought three bears out to play.

The mother bear and her two cubs were caught on video playing around on the green of a golf course, just a few hundred feet away from homes.

“It’s a way of life if you live here,” Vernon Township spokeswoman Michelle Downtain told ABC News today.

One cub is seen sniffing around the sand trap before taking a running start and tackling its sibling.

“They’re absolutely beautiful and people have seen them in their pools or on their swing sets. It doesn’t surprise me they came out to play on a golf course,” Downtain said.

"Ironically, [the town] has a huge statue of a black bear named Samantha outside our municipal building," she added.

There were no golfers on the course when the video was filmed.