Alabama doctor gives man in need the jacket off his back

He "gave it to him without any hesitation,” a witness said.

— -- A man who was stopped at a traffic light in Birmingham, Alabama, jumped out of his car to give his jacket to a man in need last Saturday.

"It was not over 30 degrees outside," Briana DiGiorgio, a witness who caught the moment on video, told ABC News.

DiGiorgio and a friend were stopped at a red light at a busy intersection near a mall when they saw a man who may have been homeless carrying a cardboard sign, which she said is rare at that intersection.

"He had a jacket tied around his neck and a pullover on," DiGiorgio said. "The wind was blowing a lot and it was not warm enough out for him to be wearing just that."

DiGiorgio pulled out her phone to capture the moment when a fellow driver got out of his car, took the coat off of his back and helped put it on the man in need.

"He took off his jacket and gave it to him without any hesitation," she said.

In the video, the good Samaritan can be heard saying, "Zip up. Stay warm. I'll go get you some food and bring it back to you."

"I have no doubt he went back to give him food," DiGiorgio said.

The good Samaritan has since been identified as a local doctor. DiGiorgio said she later spoke with his wife to discuss his act of kindness.

"His wife said he's just a man of God," DiGiorgio said. "I think he's being humble about it."

Inspired by negative headlines she sees on social media, DiGiorgio said she wanted to post something to restore "faith in humanity again."

Her video has more than 800,000 views on Facebook.

"Not a lot of people go out of their way like that," she said. "I just thought people needed to see this. It gives hope."