Alleged gunman in FedEx shooting browsed white supremacist websites, police say

The alleged gunman was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

April 20, 2021, 5:22 AM

The alleged gunman who killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis last week apparently browsed white supremacist websites a little over a year before the deadly shooting, police said.

On March 3, 2020, Brandon Hole's mother went to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department seeking help after her son had purchased a shotgun with no bullets, according to new details in an incident report released Monday. The mother told police that her son became angry, struck her in the arm with a closed fist and told her to "shut up" when she had asked what he was going to do with the gun. The mother said her son told her that he was going to point the unloaded gun at police officers so they would shoot him, saying, "This is not the life I want to live, I'll end it my way," according to the report.

After speaking with the mother, police officers went to the family's home and placed Hole in handcuffs. Hole, who was 18 at the time, "became immediately anxious" and told the officers, "Please just turn the power strip off on my computer ... I don't want anyone to see what's on it," according to the report. One of the officers went upstairs to seize the shotgun and "observed what through his training and experience indicated was white supremist (sic) websites" on Hole's computer, the report said.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has released an undated image of Brandon Hole who allegedly shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis on April 16, 2021.
Indianapolis Metro Police Department

While speaking with officers, Hole "downplayed any suicidal thoughts or plans" but said he felt "sad and depressed and that he would benefit from counselling, according to the report. The officers placed Hole on an immediate detention mental health temporary hold and transported him to a local hospital for further assessment. Officers also notified the criminal intelligence unit about what was observed on Hole's computer and took the shotgun to the police department's property room with "seized by dangerous person" written on the inventory sheet, the report said.

Nevertheless, police said Hole was able to legally purchase two assault rifles in July and September 2020, which were recovered at the scene of the attack at the FedEx facility on April 15, 2021. Hole, 19, was found dead inside the building from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

FedEx said Hole was an employee at the facility from August to October 2020. His employment was terminated when he failed to return to work.

A body is taken from the scene where multiple people were shot at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis on April 16, 2021.
Michael Conroy/AP

Police said the shooting lasted less than four minutes and was over by the time they arrived on scene. Officers found eight people -- four in the parking lot and four inside the facility -- who were later pronounced dead.

Four surviving victims who suffered injuries consistent with gunshot wounds were transported to various local hospitals. A fifth person with injuries consistent with gunshot wounds sought medical attention in another country. Two others who suffered minor injuries were treated by medics at the scene and were released, police said.

ABC News' Matt Foster contributed to this report.