Antonio Basco, whose wife died in the El Paso Walmart shooting, gets a new car after his is vandalized

Antonio Basco had his car stolen and vandalized after his wife's funeral.

For a car dealership that's long called themselves "the nice guys," the Casa Ford Lincoln dealership in El Paso certainly lived up to their nickname this week.

After the mass shooting at the local Walmart this month, the dealership stepped up to donate car repairs to Antonio Basco, whose wife was one of the 22 people killed. Then, when word got out that Basco's car had been stolen and vandalized, they were again on hand to help -- this time, giving him an entirely new vehicle.

The funeral of Basco's wife, Margie Reckard, gained national attention after it came out that Basco had no remaining family and had invited the public to help put his wife to rest. Thousands answered that call, and droves of people attended the memorial services.

"Honestly it started with our employees," said Ronnie Lowenfield, one of the owners of the dealership. "We have, I think, the most gracious and generous employees in the world."

In the days after the Aug. 3 shooting, some of Lowenfield's employees visited the makeshift memorial to the victims, where they got to know Basco, and learned that the couple's blue Ford Escape could use some help from a mechanic.

"So naturally, our people were wondering how could we help," Lowenfield told ABC News.

That led the employees -- whose uniforms call them "the nice guys" -- to offer some repairs, including replacing the tires, the breaks and the air conditioner.

Then, after the funeral -- adding insult to heartbreak -- local news outlets reported that Basco's Ford Escape had been stolen and was later found vandalized. He also reportedly had his power washer stolen, according to local station KVIA.

"When news broke Sunday afternoon, I started getting blown up with texts," said Lowenfield.

Lowenfield and his employees got to work formulating a plan. One Monday, they gathered as a group and confirmed they had a blue Ford Escape in stock and that they wanted to give it to their grieving neighbor.

They weren't the only ones to donate some relief to Basco. An anonymous donor dropped off a power washer and a local company donated a gift certificate for him to pick up a trailer.

Basco went to the Casa Ford Lincoln dealership on Monday afternoon to pick up the new car.

"It was a very emotional moment for me when I got to hug him and he didn't want to let go and neither did I," Lowenfield said. "He just kept saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.'"

"We just wanted to make it a fast simple process for him," Lowenfield said. "He was extremely grateful."

"I just think that El Paso is a community of love. In the face of hate we respond with love," Lowenfield said. "And love, I believe, will beget more love."