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Breaking down the Supreme Court nomination, confirmation process
By Meghan Keneally and Emily Shapiro
September 26, 2020 Story from US Meghan Keneally, Emily Shapiro , ABC News
Trump impeachment: Here's how the process works
By Meghan Keneally and Ivan Pereira
February 9, 2021 Story from Politics Meghan Keneally, Ivan Pereira , ABC News
List of Trump's accusers and their allegations of sexual misconduct
By Meghan Keneally
September 18, 2020 Story from Politics Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Everything you need to know about hurricanes
By Joyeeta Biswas and Meghan Keneally
August 26, 2020 Story from Technology Joyeeta Biswas, Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Missouri Planned Parenthood abortion clinic denied license by health department
By Meghan Keneally
June 21, 2019 Story from US Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Police release video of Jussie Smollett with noose around his neck
By Josh Margolin and Meghan Keneally
June 24, 2019 Story from US Josh Margolin, Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Opioids responsible for two-thirds of global drug deaths in 2017: UN
By Meghan Keneally
June 27, 2019 Story from International Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Dayton alleged shooter's ex-girlfriend said he had suicidal thoughts
By Meghan Keneally
August 6, 2019 Story from US Meghan Keneally , ABC News
Legendary journalist and political commentator Cokie Roberts dies at 75
By Karma Allen, Meghan Keneally and Nancy Gabriner
September 17, 2019 Story from US Karma Allen, Meghan Keneally, Nancy Gabriner , ABC News
Antonio Basco, whose wife died in the El Paso Walmart shooting, gets a new car after his is vandalized
By Meghan Keneally
August 20, 2019 Story from US Meghan Keneally , ABC News
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