#AskSam: Sam Champion Answers Questions on Hurricane Irene

#AskSam: Sam Champion Answers Questions on Hurricane Irene

Aug. 26, 2011— -- Earlier today, Sam Champion took questions on Hurricane Irene via a Twitter chat. The transcript is below.

Track the path of Hurricane Irene with our interactive map.

Question 1 from @luvtens: What's the word on visiting NYC? Have to be at #USOpen on Monday! Theater tix on Sunday!

Sam's answer: The weather in the NYC area will get better starting monday for the USOpen… but check for damage.

Question 2 from @sonya89: How much damage are we looking at in Philly?

Sam's answer: I think there will be approx 3-6 inches of rain and winds of at least 40mph.

Question 3 from @bcurtiswx: Is there a strong risk of earthquake damage being worsened by Irene?

Sam's answer: If you mean more quakes… no, there is no connection between the two… but not good to have rain and wind on damaged structures.

Question 4 from @nazislost: Is there possibility that Irene would hit P.A.?

Sam's answer: There is always a chance the track could change... my gut says the center will stay along the Jersey shore though.

Sam's tips to keep your family safe: How to prepare for Hurricane Irene.

Question 5 from @tammyhairston: How likely will inner-city Philadelphia get hit with Irene?

Sam's answer: Inner center Philadelphia will get rain, 3 inches +, and wind gusts can exceeding 40 mph.Question 6 from @PattyALynch: How does it look for Bayonne, New Jersey?

Sam's answer: If the storm track is the same… Bayonne will see up to a foot of rain!! And the winds up to 50mph

Question 7 from @LaraSpencer: I have a question. Why are you so darn cute?

Sam's answer: Tons and tons of makeup and hours and hours of hair weaving!! xoxo @laraspencerQuestion 8 from @nicholascotoia: What does Q and A# mean for an answer? Is there a key online??

Sam's answer: Q - Question, A – Answer

Question 9 from @njs011: How far inland from the south shore of long island should people move to be safe?

Sam's answer: Consider the storm surge at about 6ft… so home should be above that… for wind, inland a few miles will help.

Question 10 from @CoquiSri: Will #Irene affect western PA in any way?

Sam's answer: Western PA may receive showers, but likely just clouds associated with Irene.

Question 11 from @pattilee68147: How hard did Florida get hit? It looked like the whole state was covered. Dad in Fort Myers.

Sam's answer: Florida got knocked by bands of storms and rough coastal waters… also some coastal flooding.

Question 12 from @1poolemom: How close will it be to New Burn, North Carolina?

Sam's answer: Anywhere within 100mi of the Carolina coast should be thinking about possible heavy rain and strong wind… be safe!

Question 13 from @MrParle: What will the effects of Irene on western FL?

Sam's answer: Western Florida should be fine

Question 14 from @LRStarbuck: I'm in VA Beach. Do you think it will be bad as Isabelle?

Sam's answer: It could be... strong winds, heavy rain, flooding can all be expected.

Question 15 from @LeslieNicoleS: I live on the 28th floor in NYC. Any practical precautions for the wind?Sam's answer: The wind is magnified the higher you go.. . so to be safe, stay away from the windows during the storm. Hallway or bathroom safer.

Question 16 from @Katsproduction: How's the Massapequa area going to do Saturday?

Sam's answer: I think Long Island really gets knocked around by this storm… stay safe and inside.

Question 17 from @oltlghfan2009: How will the Somerset, NJ area be affected by Irene?

Sam's answer: On the storm's current track, big effects could be felt where you are, especially heavy rain, strong winds, etc.

Question 18 from @writingeditor: Does that mean don't fly? Are the airlines impacted at all by winds?

Sam's answer: Airplanes and airports are indeed impacted by wind… they will close airports if the winds get near tropical storm levels.

Question 19 from @torisize: What is it looking like for NH/ME? Is it true that Irene could still be Category 2 when it reaches greater Boston area?

Sam's answer: Irene will indeed head into NH and ME on its current track… as a tropical storm.