Baby Abducted from Pittsburgh Hospital Found Alive

PHOTO: Bryce Coleman is a 3-day-old boy who was abducted Magee-Womens Hospital on Aug. 23, 2012.PlayWTAE
WATCH Baby Abducted From Pittsburgh Hospital

A 3-day-old infant who was abducted this afternoon from the maternity ward of a Pittsburgh hospital has been found alive, a Pittsburgh Police Department spokeswoman said.

The baby was taken back to the hospital to be positively identified, police spokeswoman Diane Richard sid. The infant's grandmother told ABC News that the baby has been positively identified.

A suspect, matching the description of the alleged kidnapper, is in police custody and being questioned. She has not been named, but spoke incoherently when she was walked past reporters into police headquarters.

"Mom guess what, it's all your fault and dad too," she said to the cameras.

When asked why she kidnapped the baby, the suspect responded: "I keep telling you it wasn't just me." She added, "It hurts a lot when you lose a child."

Baby Bryce Coleman was snatched this afternoon moments after nurses removed a security tag from the infant as his family prepared for discharge from the hospital.

At 12:34 p.m. a nurse removed the baby's security tag in the presence of the child's mother in preparation for discharge, according to hospital officials.

"At 1:15, the father alerted the staff that the family was ready to depart and then it was determined that the baby was missing," the hospital said in a statement.

"Hospital staff immediately searched the unit and followed other internal security procedures. Police were called at 1:44 p.m.," the hospital said.

ABC News affiliate WTAE reported that the suspect was wearing hospital scrubs.

The station reported that woman matching the description of the suspect earlier today entered a uniform store near the hospital and purchased UPMC scrubs. She told the clerk she was receiving training at the hospital today, according to reports.