Baby Chimp Keeva Gets New Surrogate Mother After Biological Mom Couldn't 'Properly Care For Her'

Her biological mother couldn't "properly care for her," zoo staff said.

— -- A baby chimpanzee named Keeva is now getting a new surrogate chimp mother after her biological mother was unable to properly care for her.

Originally born at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore this past March, baby Keeva has now been moved to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. There, she will be joining a chimp troop comprised of three females and one male.

Keeva will soon be introduced to her new mama, Abby, a 32-year-old female chimpanzee who's raised two other orphaned chimps from infancy and contributed to the care of a third.

“We know Abby has the instincts and skills to raise a baby chimp – she has been successful twice before," Lowery Park Zoo general curator Lee Ann Rottman said. We have every reason to believe that she will raise Keeva as her own, when given the opportunity."