Baby Sloth Flies in Private Jet to New Home at National Aviary in Pittsburgh

The sloth is receiving superstar treatment at the National Aviary, his new home.

— -- A baby sloth was recently flown on a private jet from a breeder in Florida to his new home at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The 3-month-old Linnaeus sloth "enjoyed the flight very much," National Aviary marketing coordinator Laura Smith told ABC News today. "It was smooth sailing."

The tiny sloth, who's only 10-inches tall and weighs just two pounds, is already adjusting well "to his newfound stardom as the Aviary's newest (and arguably most adorable) baby," the National Aviary told ABC News in a statement.

Immediately after stepping off his private jet, the sloth was surrounded by fans eager to capture photos of the adorable animal celebrity.

"While the National Aviary is America’s bird zoo, we are delighted to welcome another mammal to our collection," National Aviary Director Cheryl Tracy said.

"This precious little sloth will become an important part of our education programming, and will be an ambassador for his species, and for all those creatures that live in the rain forests and cloud forests of Central and South America," Tracy continued.

The Aviary is already home to another adult male sloth named Wookie and fruit bats known as Malayan Flying foxes, according to its website. "The National Aviary features birds from around the world but also other animals that share their ecosystems. Given their arboreal lifestyle, sloths are the perfect addition to our collection," according to the site.

After a long day of traveling and interviews, the superstar sloth was later treated to a gourmet dinner of rice and sweet potatoes.

The sleepy sloth was also wrapped in multiple blankets to keep him cozy and warm during his first night at his new home.

The public will be able to see the sloth at the Avian Care Center window this Friday, when they can also bid on a chance to name him, according to the Aviary.

Beginning March 25, visitors can book a 30-minute private encounter with an opportunity to feed and pet him, the Aviary added.