Back-to-back meteor showers make this a great week for stargazing

The second night of showers comes Wednesday night.

ByLeah La Rosa
October 8, 2019, 11:52 AM

California residents spotted odd lights beaming through the sky Monday night. So naturally, many took to social media to share videos and get answers.

What people were observing meteor showers.

“The Draconids meteor shower kicks off the fall meteor shower season,” Dave Samuhel, AccuWeather astronomy blogger and meteorologist, said in a statement.

From Sacramento to San Diego, people reported sightings of unusual, bright lights appearing to fall from the sky.

One man's dashboard camera captured what looks like flickering lights across the sky, or even little fireballs, while he was driving in Los Angeles.

According to AccuWeather, back-to-back meteor showers are peaked on Tuesday night and are expected to continue on Wednesday. And the entire country should be on the lookout for shooting stars. Although these Draconids are considered minor meteor showers, they can still light up the sky with hundreds of these twinkly fireballs, as opposed to the common 10 meteors per hour.

Depending on the area you live in, this could very well be your perfect week to stargaze.

Experts at AccuWeather say your best chance of catching this sight is in areas away from the bright moon and that is less cloudy. Meteors will be visible in all areas of the sky, during the climax of these showers, so the more sky you can see, the better.

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