No Ball, No Problem: Other Wacky Drops on New Year's Eve

From a flip-flop to a giant pickle.

The ball might light up Times Square in New York City every December 31, but across the country, people gather to see other wacky things drop from the sky to mark the new year -- like a chunk of cheese or a pickle, depending on where you live.

There is even a possum drop in Brasstown, North Carolina, but starting this year, the city won't be using a live animal because of concerns from animal-rights groups.

Here's a look at how some other cities have celebrated:

Moon Pie Drop in Mobile, Alabama

Cheese Drop in Plymouth, Wisconsin

Flip-Flop Drop in Folly Beach, South Carolina

Peep Drop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Sardine Drop in Eastport, Maine

Pickle Drop in Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Acorn Drop in Raleigh, North Carolina

Donut Drop in Hagerstown, Maryland