New body-cam videos shows Milwaukee police discussing possible backlash from Sterling Brown arrest

New videos released in the arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown

Newly-released video of the arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown shows law enforcement officers stepping on Brown’s ankle while he’s on ground, talking about getting overtime and acknowledging that the incident could spark a potential backlash.

In new video of the incident taken by an officer's body-cam after the basketball player was taken away in an ambulance and obtained by ABC affiliate WISN, officers can be heard expressing concern amongst themselves about a potential backlash from the incident.

In one of several new videos obtained by WISN, the officers can be heard asking Brown - who is lying prone on the ground after being hit with a stun gun - if he plays for the Bucks, and Brown responds that he must look familiar to them.

Later, after Brown is loaded into the ambulance, the officers appear to discuss the situation and anticipate the possibility of public criticism.

"The bureau is coming out for this? ... We're trying to protect ourselves because he plays for the Bucks, and if he makes a complaint, it's going to be a [expletive] and then any little [expletive] thing that goes wrong is going to be, 'Ooh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist,” the officer says sarcastically.

At another point, in a different body-cam video, an officer appears to call a supervisor and ask about overtime pay - and then starts singing.

"I need to go on the overtime board if I'm not already," the unidentified officer says, according to the video.

He is then heard singing, "Money, money, money, money, money!"

The arrest happened around 2 a.m. on January 26 in a Milwaukee Walgreens parking lot after Brown walked out of the store and was confronted by officers who asked him why he parked horizontally across two handicapped spots.

The officers repeatedly tell Brown to back up and one of them says, "I will do what I want alright? I own this right here."

Other officers arrive on the scene and can be seen talking to Brown near his vehicle when one of the officers shouts for Brown to take his hands out of his pockets.

A scuffle breaks out and an officer yells "Taser, taser, taser!" Brown can be heard moaning on the ground.

After Brown was brought to the ground and hit with one of the officer’s stun guns, they continued to stand around him, while he was handcuffed on the ground.

“You’re stepping on my ankle, for what?” Brown says in the video.

“So you don’t kick us,” one of the officers says.

Brown was not charged for anything connected to the incident and was issued a parking violation.

His representatives said that Brown plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said at a news conference on May 23rd that the officers involved “acted inappropriately” and they all received suspensions.

ABC News' Whitney Lloyd contributed to this report