Boy Busted for Misbehaving Freezes Like a Statue

Watch what Ayden Matthews done when he’s caught misbehaving.

— -- Melissa Lennan was in the kitchen setting up for a party at her home in Huntington, N.Y., when she heard a loud crash, and she decided to record the results of her young nephew’s latest troublemaking because she knew his response would be classic.

“He is quite a funny kid and he does this thing where whenever he gets into trouble if he’s doing something he just stops and just stares at you,” she said of her nephew, 2 ½-year-old Ayden Matthews.

This time Ayden had gotten into a freestanding photo booth she’d erected for the party and somehow managed to bring it all down, she said.

In the video which she posted to YouTube on January 9, Lennan can be heard questioning her nephew about the mishap.

“You’re going to get in trouble because you shouldn’t have been touching that,” she told Ayden, who was standing stock still with a blank expression on his face.

“Did you break it? Did you break it? What were you doing with it?” Lennan continued. Ayden offered no reply, remaining immobile.

Lennan couldn’t contain her humor, chuckling as she asked: “Do you understand? Are you okay? Blink once if you’re alive.”

At this prompting, Ayden blinked once.

“Are you scared? Blink once if you’re scared,” she added. Ayden didn’t blink.

“Are you afraid you’re going to get in trouble? Blink,” she said. He blinked.

After more than a minute, she asked Ayden to "snap out of it" and he replied with a mischievous little laugh.

In a Tuesday interview with ABC News, Lennan said Ayden kept her and her family entertained with his unique brand of humor.

She said she showed video of the October incident to friends and they encouraged her to post it online.

“He’s a total goofball. He’s a crazy kid. He’s hilarious,” she said of Ayden. “He would keep me cracking up every day.”