Boy saved by Chicago police officers who just graduated from the police academy weeks earlier

Officers used first aid learned in the academy to take life-saving action.

Two new Chicago police officers’ careers are off to a heroic start after being credited with saving an 8-year-old boy’s life.

On Sunday evening, officers received a call that an 8-year-old boy had cut his arm on a wire fence while playing outside, Chicago Police told ABC News.

Officers Brendan Lyons and Ravyn Morgan, who were only three weeks out of the academy, responded with their field training officer, Sergio Corona.

As they approached the location, the family of injured 8-year-old Sebastian Diaz was out in the street waving them down, Officer Lyons told ABC News.

The officers quickly determined the cut was more threatening than they initially thought -- the cut was almost 4 inches deep and squirting blood everywhere, leading Lyons to believe it was an arterial wound.

With the family crying and panicking, Officer Lyons sprung into action, immediately applying a tourniquet to the boy’s injured arm, his first time administering first aid outside of training at the academy.

Officer Morgan worked to keep the young boy calm, asking him questions and reassuring him that he would be okay.

“I was just doing my job, and he really mattered to me,” Morgan told ABC News.

An ambulance arrived shortly after and the officers followed paramedics to Lutheran General Hospital, police said. The paramedics told the officers that they had saved the boy’s life.

Diaz had severed an artery, which could have been deadly without the officers help, police said.

“It was a team effort,” Lyons said, giving credit to the academy for the training he received that enabled him to help that day.

Morgan gave credit to her partner and field officer.

“To work with other people who are so’s a blessing to myself,” Morgan said.

Diaz was treated at the hospital and released a day later. He is recovering well at home, according to police.

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