Chicago police test virtual reality training

Officers experience situations with people with mental illness and special needs.
3:18 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Chicago police test virtual reality training
We move on to Chicago we've seen so many and this is where an inner action between an officer and a person it escalates into an incident that could've been avoided. Will Chicago police are trying out a brand new virtual reality training tool that show them. How they deal with people with special needs or mental illness. By putting the officers and their shoes so I'm so happy to be joined by Jia when he does who has. All of the details on GLU were able to check out this pilot program how does that work it. It's incredible Ken because you saw them there they had those DR headsets on that just like if you would be playing a video game. But this is no video game they actually shot this with actors they shot at using mental health professionals and police officers going out there to show these officers. What could happen depending on what they choose to say to the person and I think we have some video right there. This is actually me I'm wearing I had been at this point and were approaching a scene the person there. Has schizophrenia and he's having an episode and there you see the different options can we talk. Or drop it now. And so the officers choose one of those options I decide to choose drop it now and what happens is that it just escalates the whole situation just gets worse. Then I'm asked to choose whether or want to draw weapon a taser Oregon and there you see the two choices right there. That really escalates the situation and just makes it bad for everyone and so that is what these trainers want to show these officers that. These decisions do have real consequences. Yet and so I guess when the officer hasn't on what are they understanding about what a person with a mental illness is actually experiencing and one of the things is that. One of the scenarios that you're actually the person with schizophrenia like you are the person with autism and that to me was the most powerful I remember feeling these emotions. I thank heard these voices in my head because he was carrying a screwdriver in his hand and the officer thought that that screwdriver was a weapon. But in his head that's per driver was simply too take apart the the cable box because he believed that the NSA was spying on and that's when he was thinking is so it really just adds empathy to all of this that's the whole point of this so that officers understand and I know. They're not trying to be against you these people have these very very serious issues going on in their minds. Yeah and I think it's interesting because I saw an ABC reported that at least 53 people this year with mental illness. Have been shot and killed by police in the US how have cops responded to using this tools of. You know what a lot of the officers especially being there in that perspective of the person wit that mental health episode. They are saying oh my gosh I never saw this way and so was really interesting to see how they were just think in listen. Nobody saying that there's going to be two decisions when you get to Hussein there's going to be a million decisions and they're gonna still have to use all of the training. That they have this is crisis intervention training this is just a part of that training nobody is expecting. This technology to replace the real effective training that we know works. It's amazing it amazing Andrea let's check that out I hope that they roll out across other departments as well I mean they're looking at and they definitely are so this is the very first one maybe there in that department. Fully in effect may be within the month to Wilson amazing thank you GO for joining us appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Officers experience situations with people with mental illness and special needs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63259023","title":"Chicago police test virtual reality training","url":"/US/video/chicago-police-test-virtual-reality-training-63259023"}