Brazen attempted carjacking at gas station caught on surveillance camera

Police in Allen Park, Michigan, released videos asking for the public's help.

— -- Police in Allen Park, Michigan, have released several videos of an attempted carjacking in broad daylight at a gas station recently in hopes that the public will help identify the perpetrator.

The incident was captured on surveillance camera Thursday around 2 p.m. at a BP gas station. Ali Noureddine, a worker at gas station, said he saw the attempted carjacker initially just walking around.

"It looked like he was walking into the station. All of a sudden, he busts a right," Noureddine told ABC affiliate WXYZ. "I guess he seen the lady pumping gas and seized the opportunity -- he jumped in the front seat."

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In the videos, after the man gets into the car, the woman seen pumping gas then jumps into the vehicle in the front passenger's seat. The two appear to wrestle for the wheel inside the car before the car eventually stops near a fuel truck parked in the gas station.

"They drove around, around here. You know, our fear was that it was going to hit the fuel truck. ... It would've been a disaster," Noureddine said.

Police said the driver of that fuel truck then got involved with the attempted carjacker who'd, by then, gotten out of the vehicle. On surveillance footage, the truck driver can be seen wrestling with the individual, attempting to restrain him and removing an article of his clothing, but the man gets away.

Police said in a statement on Facebook that the woman in the video was not harmed and that the attempted carjacker had not used a weapon.

"This could happen anywhere, no matter where you are. You should always lock your door and I would recommend take the keys out the ignition because you never know what could happen," Noureddine said.

Authorities asked that the public contact Allen Park police with any information regarding the incident.

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