Bringing America Back: Experts warn of limitations of tech for contact tracing

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'A distraction'? Experts warn of limitations of tech for contact tracing

App developers and tech giants like Apple and Google are joining the fight against COVID-19 by developing digital systems for contact tracing. But for public health experts, the old-fashioned approach -- a labor-intensive process of re-tracing and notifying contacts of positive cases -- works best, and has fewer privacy concerns.

What it takes to be a COVID-19 contact tracer in NYC

Speaking of old-school contact tracing: New York City is hiring an army of 1,000 contact tracers to reach out to people newly diagnosed with COVID-19. The job requirements include an understanding of structural racism, per the job post.

Airlines making sure thousands of parked planes are ready to fly again

More than 3,000 airplanes are parked nationwide while air travel plummets. In the meantime, U.S. airlines are keeping planes in flying shape for when they can leave the ground. That includes running the air conditioning system to remove humidity from the cabin and covering up engines to keep out wildlife.

Trump's reopening push at odds with new 100K death toll prediction

Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump said he didn't see the COVID-19 death toll in America surpassing 60,000. Last week, he revised that number to 70,000. Now, he's saying it could be as high as 100,000. At the same time, the president has been critical of strict stay-at-home measures in states like Michigan as he pushes for the reopening of the economy.

Royal Caribbean details plan to disembark crew members stuck on ships

Thousands of Royal Caribbean crew members are stuck aboard ships due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to an internal memo sent to employees, some American crew members may start the journey home this week -- if the CDC approves the cruise line's plans.

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