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Bringing America Back: Struggles for minority-owned businesses, voting concerns and more to know

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Minority-owned small businesses still struggle to access stimulus

Even as guidelines to receive Paycheck Protection Program loans have relaxed, minority-owned small businesses may still be at a disadvantage in receiving economic relief during the pandemic. Lack of access to a lawyer or lender are just some of the reasons why.

Primary election troubles foreshadow challenges for November

The election problems in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and, most recently, Georgia do not "bode well for November," said Michael McDonald, an expert on elections and a political science professor at the University of Florida. Some longtime Democratic strategists' concerns for November are more acute after Georgia experienced troubles, despite the fact that the state had the most time to prepare for a pandemic primary.

1 in 5 sailors tested for COVID-19 antibodies were asymptomatic: Study

An outbreak aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt gave the CDC the opportunity to gather the first COVID-19 data from a population of healthy young adults -- information that has been lacking in studies of the virus. The findings showed that 18.5% were asymptomatic. ICYMI: Infectious disease experts are stressing asymptomatic transmission following a WHO official's recent remarks.

AMC to reopen 'almost all' US theaters in July

The film industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, is starting to make a return. After shuttering all of its theaters in March, AMC Theatres said it expects to "fully open globally in July." Behind the scenes, a new campaign puts the spotlight on women and black, indigenous and other people of color working in the industry.

Expert tips for a safe summer vacation

If you're itching to get out of town this summer, here's why you might want to consider camping.

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