Burglars Took Late Texas Mom's Jewelry, 'All We Had Left of Her,' Daughter Says

Woman believes burglars stole more than $10,000-worth of her mom's jewelry.

July 14, 2015, 2:40 PM

— -- A Spring, Texas, brother and sister say they are "disturbed" and "in pain" after their late mother's jewels and other mementos were stolen in an apparent home burglary along with electronics and guns.

Taylor Cauthen, 26, says more than $10,000-worth in jewelry was stolen, including her parents' wedding rings, her grandparents' wedding rings, rare stones and freshwater pearls. She added that she was "lucky to find pieces of a broken necklace" and her mom's Girl Scouts badge on the sidewalk outside of the house.

"They took my mom's jewelry box with all her antique jewels, including her and my dad's wedding rings, as well as the box next to it, which had all the Mother's Day cards and stuff we'd sent her as kids with things like 'We love you, mommy and daddy,'" Cauthen told ABC News. "Everything precious we ever had, and nearly all we had left of our mother, walked out the door last Friday."

Assistant Chief Deputy Henry “Wally” Weighat from Harris County, Precinct 4 Constable's Office told ABC News that the department is investigating the case as a burglary.

He confirmed that a PlayStation, games and three firearms were reported stolen, but the office was still in the process of reaching out to the family for a supplemental report to include the alleged missing jewelry, which was discovered missing later. Weighat added that the window on the back door was found smashed, but no fingerprints were recovered.

Cauthen said she broke down on the ground, screaming, "Please, God, no, please," last Friday afternoon after her father, Christian Cauthen, 55, called to break the news that her little brother, Spencer Cauthen, 18, had found their family home's "back door window smashed and everything out of place."

Nearly all the jewelry and personal belongings belonging to their mother, who died eight years ago, were apparently stolen, along with guns and electronics, Taylor Cauthen said.

Cauthen lives near the home where her father and brother still reside, but said she moved out years ago because she and her mother had a "rocky relationship."

PHOTO: Taylor Cauthen says that burglars broke into her family's Spring, Texas, home on July 10, 2015 and stole the jewelry that belonged to her late mother.
Taylor Cauthen says that burglars broke into her family's Spring, Texas, home on July 10, 2015 and stole the jewelry that belonged to her late mother.

"It was difficult for me to even walk through the house without bursting into tears," she said. "My mom, Susie Cauthen, had a lot of problems, and she died in this home in her room when she was 43 because of an accident. My family has been trying to move on from that, but this just opens up the wound all over again."

Her father, Christian Cauthen, said the jewelry box was in his room. He added that two licensed rifles, a shotgun from the attic and his son's PlayStation, along with several games, were also taken.

"My son and I are very disturbed, and he and my daughter are putting up posters with a description of the things missing along with a phone number and an unspecified reward," he told ABC News, adding that he had filed a report on the apparent theft with law enforcement.

Despite what's happened, Taylor Cauthen said there has been some good that's come out of the difficult situation.

"In 10 years, my family has never gotten together like this," she said. "Robbers, you're just making my family stronger. My brother and I are getting together, heading out onto the streets to let people know what happened. Our hearts, not just our things, have been stolen, and we want them back."

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