American Airlines Passenger Arrested For Allegedly Rushing Cockpit

PHOTO: A man accused of rushing the cockpit of American Airlines flight 320 was arrested today at the Miami International Airport.PlayABC
WATCH Passenger Tackled on Plane in FBI Custody

A "disoriented" Canadian man has been arrested in for attempting to rush the cockpit of an American Airlines plane at the Miami International Airport today.

Ryan Snider, 24, was subdued by two first-class passengers as he tried to break into the cockpit. He is expected to face federal charges that could include interference with a flight crew, according to the FBI.

One of the passengers who restrained him, Malik Cann, told ABC News' Miami affiliate WPLG how they grabbed Snider and held him down.

"We weren't going to allow him to harm anybody or get to the cockpit," Cann said. "He was screaming. 'Get me off the plane. Get me off the plane.' That's all he wanted to do."

Snider does not appear to have any connections to terrorism and was not on the "no fly list," according to FBI Miami spokesman Michael Leverock.

None of the 165 passengers on board were injured and there was no damage to the plane.

An American Airlines representative told ABC News that Snider moved quickly toward the front of the airplane, but did not make it to the cockpit before being restrained. He may have bumped the door as he was being subdued.

The captain of the flight did not feel that there was a security threat.

The plane was American Airlines flight 320 from Montego Bay to Miami. Police responded to reports of an unruly passenger, according to the airport.

"We had what appeared to be a 'disoriented' male passenger who stood up at his seat in the Main Cabin after landing in Miami as the flight was taxiing in," an American Airlines representative told ABC News. "He did not obey crewmember instructions to sit down and then moved toward the front of the aircraft where he was subdued. He was turned over to police upon arrival at the gate."

The FBI's Miami field office said, "We are aware of an incident on a plane in bound to MIA today (AA 320) in which a passenger reportedly rushed the cockpit door. The FBI is investigating the alleged incident. Nevertheless the plane did land safely without damage to the plane or injuries."

The Transportation Security Administration said in a statement that the flight was met by law enforcement "out of an abundance of caution" and that the passenger in question is being interviewed.

Snider is expected to make is first court appearance on Tuesday in Miami.