Canadian Tourist Delivers Fawn by Emergency C-Section After Mother Is Hit by a Truck

The baby fawn was healthy.

— -- A Canadian man successfully delivered a healthy baby deer after its mother had been hit by a truck.

The fawn, who was delivered by cesarean section, was named "Friday."

"We were just going fishing and the lady in front of me ran over a doe so my wife and I stopped to get the doe off the road," Steele told ABC News. "And I just kind of put her down and she was kind of split in half and the uterus was out so I did a cesarean on her and pulled the fawn out, and cleaned it off and put it in the back seat of my truck."

He said that he had experience birthing animals because he used to raise cows.

Steele then brought the fawn to the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, located about 15 miles away from where the collision occurred.

Angelika Langen, manager at Northern Lights Wildlife Society, told ABC News that Friday is healthy and happy.

"We are keeping her until the fall and then will release her into the wild," Langen said. "She is very outgoing, very friendly, she doesn’t know anything else. To her we are her parents."

Langen said that in her 26 years of working at the Wildlife Society, this was the first fawn born by C-section.

"I understand that the gentleman is a farmer, so he brought out a knife and did a c-section," she said.

Langen said the organization receives a lot of fawns, but cautions against picking up a stray fawn because mothers will sometimes leave their babies alone for hours before returning to them.

Steele said he and his wife have set up a Facebook page for Friday.