Car Plunges Into Mississippi River -- But Cops Can't Find It

PHOTO: Authorities search the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, April 27, 2014, after a report of a vehicle going into the water and sinking. Treacherous currents and heavy rain hampered the search for the car.PlayJerry Holt/The Star Tribune/AP Photo
WATCH Car Disappears Into Mississippi River

In the vast Indian Ocean, authorities are still searching for missing Flight 370.

In the mighty Mississippi River, they can't find a car that was seen plunging into the water on Sunday.

Despite fresh track marks on the ground and a witness' account, authorities have been unable to located the submerged vehicle and said it was unclear if anyone was inside of it.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office suspended the search due to lightning and inclement weather.

Boats from the sheriff's Water Patrol Unit will be back on the river today with sonar equipment to search for the vehicle.

Divers have been prevented from searching the river due to stronger than usual currents, according to the sheriff's office.