Car Thieves Caught on Camera Driving Away with Luxury Cars

Thieves used keychain fobs to find the cars they wanted to steal.

September 23, 2014, 4:10 PM

— -- Thieves at a high end California car dealership broke in and used the cars' keychain fobs to locate the vehicles they wanted and simply drove them off the lot, police said.

The early Friday morning heist was captured on surveillance cameras which was obtained by KPIX-TV.

Police are now searching for the stolen vehicles which include a BMW SUV, CLS 550 Mercedes, and three Range Rovers.

The theft was caught on camera at the Formula One Motors in San Jose, California, according to police. Security footage from the dealership showed the unidentified men walking through the dealership and then allegedly using keychain FOBs to find the cars and drive them off the lot, KPIX-TV reported.

The owner of Formula One Motors, Michael Zaheri, told KPIX-TV the men went to the dealership’s key box and simply pulled out car keys.

“I hope they catch them and put these guys away,” Zaheri said.

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