Casey Anthony: Will She Profit From Her Case?

Now that she's out of jail, will she cash in on her story?

July 17, 2011— -- After spending nearly three years behind bars and enduring an emotional trial, Casey Anthony could hit the jackpot by turning her infamy into fortune.

Anthony was released from jail early this morning.

She has already been offered $1 million from an independent producer to tell her story -- and that's just the first offer.

"Between a combination of a book, maybe some sort of magazine articles, TV interviews and other ways of telling this monstrous story that she has, she'll probably be able to wrestle out of this about a million dollars," public relations expert Davidson Goldin said on "Good Morning America."

This wouldn't be the first time notoriety translates into wealth.

After O.J. Simpson's 1997 acquittal for murder, he was given a $1 million publishing advance for his book "If I Did It," a first-person account of how the former football star could have carried out the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Amy Fisher served six years in prison for the attempted murder of her lover's wife.

Since her parole in 1999, she sold more than 32,000 copies of her book: "If I Knew Then."

She made a career in the adult film industry and her struggles with alcoholism landed her a spot on VH1's reality series "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."

After the Menendez brothers were sentenced to life in prison in 1996, for killing their parents, Erik Menendez's wife Tammi Menendez wrote a self published book, "They Said We'd Never Make It -- My Life With Erik Menendez."

Some say the likelihood of Casey Anthony cashing in is high, but others are not so sure.

"Some people may not want to touch her because they think she has a little girl's blood on her hands," legal expert Susan Filan said.