Chopper video helped Detroit police catch a fleeing suspect

Michigan police helped its Detroit counterparts with eyes in the sky

— -- Michigan State Police helped its Detroit counterparts with some eyes in the sky to catch a fleeing suspect.

The department tweeted chopper video on Sunday showing an aerial view of a wild pursuit on the streets of Detroit.

The chase, which happened last week, shows Detroit police chasing a suspect in a stolen vehicle.

The video captures the moment when the driver jumps out of the moving vehicle and makes a run for it.

The pilot is heard saying “one bailout, vehicle still moving.”

The suspect is seen running across several yards in the eastern part of the city.

Police were eventually able to catch up with him a short time later. They blocked him in with their squad car and took him into custody.

The assist is part of an initiative launched in 2011 called Secure Cities Partnership, which provides support -- including aviation help -- for the state's most crime-ridden cities.