Chris Christie rebuffed attempting to pass through a Newark airport gate access area he used as governor

Christie has only been ex-governor for two days.

— -- Chris Christie has only been the ex-governor of New Jersey for two days but he has already felt the loss of at least one perk of the job.

Christie was rebuffed while attempting to pass through a gate access point at Newark Liberty International Airport he used as governor, according to a person with knowledge of the incident. It would have allowed Christie to enter the secure side of the airport without going through screening.

In a pair of tweets, Christie disputed some of the story later this afternoon.

"NJSP security detail & I were led to one entrance in the airport by PAPD officer," he wrote. "TSA informed PAPD and NJSP that this was the wrong way to enter and directed us to another entrance where I was screened & admitted to the airport."

A state trooper was escorting Christie at the time, the person familiar with the incident said. While the New Jersey State Police declined to comment about this specific incident, the agency did say an outgoing governor is afforded a security escort for up to six months following completion of his term.

Port Authority Police and a TSA officer eventually redirected Christie to the regular checkpoint, and the former governor went through the usual security screening.

At all times Christie was cordial, the person familiar with the incident said, and did not object to going through regular screening just like the other passengers.