Church of Scientology International's Statement Regarding Monique Rathbun's Lawsuit against the Church and David Miscavige


The complaint filed in Texas is nothing more than a pathetic get-rich scheme cooked up by unemployed blogger Marty Rathbun, a self-admitted suborner of perjury who is now resorting to using his wife in an attempt to extort money from the Church. As any reporter who has dealt with him knows, it was a bitter, seething Marty Rathbun who, after having been removed from his position in the Church for malfeasance a decade ago, initiated a smear campaign against the Church and its ecclesiastical leader that is now in its fourth year. During that period, Mr. Rathbun and his self-described "posse" have unrelentingly shopped made-up tales and myths to virtually every media outlet they can find. Much to Mr. Rathbun's continuing frustration, the Church since his departure is flourishing and undergoing a period of unprecedented expansion.

For the true story of the Church, see Information is available there on the Church's numerous human rights and anti-drug programs, as well as the opening of 37 new Scientology Churches in major metropolitan areas and cultural centers in recent years.