Communities across the US prepare for Thanksgiving Day by giving back

As Thanksgiving approaches, communities are giving thanks by giving back.

From Arizona to Massachusetts, things like donated turkeys are being handed out to fill Thanksgiving Day tables.

In Mansfield, Massachusetts, one 8-year-old wanted to make sure everyone can enjoy the holiday with full bellies.

"There are a lot of people who don't have food and I want to help them in any way I can," said Belmond Schwartz.

Belmond knew he couldn't do it all alone. He recruited his 3rd grade classmates, his neighbors and his community to collect donated food from local grocery stores, Target and Walmart.

The local fire department even stepped in to help get all of the food to the local food pantry.

"Before Thanksgiving, this is gonna help out a ton of people," said fire captain John Terry.

Thanks to Belmond's hard work, the Mansfield Food Pantry will be stocked well past the upcoming holiday.

"This will keep us pretty well stocked through January, mid-February," said Maria Smith of the Mansfield Food Pantry. "It's great for the Mansfield community."

On Wednesday, Belmond told "World News Tonight" that he's already looking ahead to next year.

"[Next Thanksgiving] will be bigger and better," he said. "We're definitely gonna help more people."