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"Craigslist TV" is an online series that follows "outrageous" Craigslist postings in real time, executive producer and director Drew Brown told ABC News.

The show has chronicled a stuntman looking for a woman to light him on fire, a ninja for hire, a foam weapons league in search of new warriors, a "geek" trying to find a date and more.

"There are moments when we are sitting there filming and we're like how did we get here, like how did this happen and how do we get out of here is sometimes what I'm thinking," said Brown.

Brown produces and directs the show with Bob Gillan. It is in its third season and has never had a shortage of new characters.

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The documentary series finds its stories by allowing Craigslist users in the Los Angeles area a chance to opt in and be considered for the show. All they have to do is check a box when they post to the site.

"We get 1,000 people clicking that opt-in button every day, whether we're in business or not," said Brown.

Craigslist funds the series, and sees it as a way to highlight the different types of people and ways the site is used.

"You're actually getting to see a visual representation of who are these people that post on Craigslist, and you see such a wide variety," said Gillan. "You see people doing unique things, but it's such a wide variety you kind of look at it and go these people are like you and me."

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