See Cow Run Through a Busy San Antonio Intersection

PHOTO:A cow was seen roaming through a busy San Antonio intersection Tuesday morning and it was caught on a police officers dashcam.PlaySan Antonio Police Department
WATCH Runaway Cow Leads Police on Chase Through San Antonio

Only in Texas do cows roam free through busy intersections and police officers corral them with ropes.

Early Tuesday morning, San Antonio Police officers encountered a cow running through an intersection while patrolling the area. They caught the ordeal on a dashcam video.

Police were able to wedge the cow between two patrol cars after chasing her for almost a half hour, according to a police report from the San Antonio Police Department.

An encounter like this in Texas is not surprising, Lisa Norwood, a spokesperson for Animal Care Services, told ABC News today.

“Number one, this is Texas and number two, San Antonio has an occasional roaming pet problem and unfortunately that sometimes extends to larger animals like cows, horses and goats,” Norwood said.

The shelter even has a separate area for livestock for situations like this, Norwood said. This cow is currently the only large livestock in the shelter's care.

“She is calming down a little bit, but she’s not really happy to be contained or to be here,” Norwood said. “She’s a free spirit I guess, she wants to roam free.”

The police tied the cow up in a parking lot with a rope while waiting for animal control, Norwood said. This intersection is also one of the busiest in the city.

“She was doing the stereotypical pawing at the ground and lowering her horns and charging halfway at people,” Norwood said. “She charged a number of police vehicles and parked cars in various parking lots.”

Luckily, no one was hurt and only a patrol car was damaged, according to a police report from the San Antonio Police Department.

Norwood said that the cow may have come from one of the many “rodeo type facilities” in San Antonio and that animal control is following up on potential leads.