Defendants in Sayreville Football Hazing Case to Be Tried in Juvenile Court

Students will not be charged as adults, prosecutors said.

— -- The prosecutor in Middlesex County, N.J., said today he will not seek to have any of the seven defendants in the Sayreville High School hazing case tried in adult court.

"The conduct in which the juvenile defendants engaged was serious and that is why criminal charges were filed," Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey said. "The appropriate forum for the resolution of these cases is Middlesex County Family Court. Asking the court to waive these seven juvenile cases to adult court would not best serve the interests of the victims, the community, or the defendants."

Lawyers for the defendants have already been notified of the decision, which is expected to be formally announced later this week.

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The case will remain in Family Court, which is the court in New Jersey that handles juvenile crimes. As such, the case will remain closed to the public and press.

ABC News is one of a group of news organizations that has filed a motion with the court to open the proceedings. That motion has not been decided on yet.