'Diaper Keg'? Dadchelor Parties Increasingly Popular -- Among Future Dads

Gifts of diapers help secure consent of wives, girlfriends.

ByTj Winick and Chris James
September 19, 2011, 12:48 PM

Sept. 20, 2011— -- Dave DeNovellis' life is about to change forever. Late nights out with the guys are giving way to domesticity. It's time for one last night of crazy fun, when things could get a little out of control.

No, this is not DeNovellis' bachelor party. It's his "Dadchelor" party.

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"I heard on the radio that the new trend was daddy showers, where guys get together, they buy diapers and they drink beer. Well I was like, 'that seems kind of classless. If we're going to do this, let's do it big,'" DeNovellis said.

Leslie Flaherty, DeNovellis' girlfriend of five years, is eight months pregnant with a baby girl they plan to name Olivia.

According to Alison Bernstein, editor of pregnancy advice website thebump.com, one in five men has been to a Dadchelor party.

"They had babies later in life, and they know what they're going to be giving up: those late mornings sleeping in, those late nights going out. And they really do need to prep themselves for a big life change," she said.

The trend has received humorous treatment online, such as on lifeofdad.com.

Flaherty, however, seemed ambivalent about the idea.

"Honestly I thought it was stupid," she said. "I still am not a huge fan of it, but I guess we're, like, getting diapers out of it?"

"Yes you are," DeNovellis answered.

The diapers-for-beer trade is a Dadchelor party staple known by the unlikely phrase "diaper keg."

"I let everyone know what brand you wanted. This is all for you," DeNovellis said.

"I'm sure it is," Flaherty said.

On the big night, DeNovellis' friends arrived for the "pre-party" armed not with cases of Bud or Coors but with Huggies and Pampers (undercutting DeNovellis' claim).

One friend said it was the first Dadchelor party he had heard of.

At 8 p.m., the guys -- along with a few girlfriends -- boarded a party bus for the trip to Mohegan Sun Casino for gambling, dancing and more drinking.

The club gave DeNovellis VIP treatment.

"If you see my man Dave around here, buy him a shot, because his life is over in about four weeks," announced a club promoter.

After dancing DeNovellis was off to the blackjack table. After going home with some $3,000 in winnings, he said planned on buying an engagement ring.

"[Leslie] gave me the opportunity to go out with the boys and do the Dadchelor thing, so I want to do the engagement right," he said.

Later that week the couple were engaged.

Asked if he felt he needed a bachelor party now, DeNovellis replied, "I think every guy needs a bachelor party to send him off, you know? I would never want to rule something like that out."

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