Doctor duo shares musical message of hope with new cover of ‘Lean on Me’

"We're just really humble it touched so many people," Dr. William Robinson said.

The two doctors who went viral for singing their viral rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" joined "The View" to pay tribute to all the health care workers who have helped in the fight against the coronavirus.

Drs. Elvis L. Francois and William Robinson, chief residents with three months left in their program at the Mayo Clinic, have been playing music together for years with Francois singing and Robinson on the piano. Their rendition of "Imagine" took the internet by storm after they posted it to Instagram on March 23, and it's since led to a studio-recorded EP.

The doctor duo continued spreading their inspirational music together on “The View” Friday with a rendition of the late Bill Withers' "Lean on Me." They also spoke about why they began performing together and what the global response to their musical message has meant to them.

"Elvis and I really got to know each other five years ago when we started our orthopedic surgery residency and were fast friends," Robinson said. "The internet did its thing, and we're just really humble it touched so many people."

Francois said he "always gravitated toward music that had substantive meaning to it" despite no one in his family being musically gifted with regard to vocals.

"If I could share anything as far as it goes with music, sharing music that has meaning and a message behind it is something I'm very, very passionate about," Francois said.

"The most amazing part about all of this is realizing that a little bit of good and a little bit of positivity can literally go across oceans, and across the world," Francois continued. "This is the first time in our entire generation where we're all facing the same problems, the global issue we're all facing."

"With the amount of uncertainty and fear that's going on in the world, music is something that we all relate to, and I think that is one property that ... Dr. Robinson and I can agree," Francois added. "Bringing people together is a reminder that the only way we get through this is together as one, and that's been the most amazing part about sharing music and its impact across borders -- across the world."

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