Escape Artist Spencer Horsman Describes Close Call With Death in Criss Angel Show

Horsman became stuck in a cell of water during the magic show.

— -- The escape artist who became trapped in water when a death-defying stunt went wrong says it was his “ego” that pushed him to go too far.

“I’m locked under 25 feet worth of chain over a dozen padlocks and handcuffs,” Horsman told ABC News. “I only had two locks left and I think I was around the four-minute mark.”

As Horsman was close to unlocking himself in the cell, suspended 30-feet in the air, he blacked out.

“It was more so I guess my ego and wanting to push the envelope and go longer, instead of signaling for help that, hey, I may not make it,” Horsman said.

The headliner of the show, Angel, rushed on stage to rescue Horsman, jumping on top of the tank to help pry it open as the tank was lowered down to the stage.

“What I saw was somebody losing the ability to be aware of what was going on,” said Angel, whose show, “The SUPERNATURALISTS,” is on a four-week run at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut.

Horsman came-to immediately and he is now back performing the same stunt in Angel’s new show.

“I’m absolutely honored to be involved in this project,” Horsman said.

When asked if the mistake was a publicity stunt, as has been rumored, both Angel and Horsman said a clear “no.”

“He owes me his life,” joked Angel, who added of the stunt, “Don’t try this anywhere, anytime, at any age.”