Experts Say Trump’s Fears of 'Rigged' General Election Largely Unfounded

Experts weighed in on Trump's contention the election was rigged.

But numerous election experts told ABC News that although the system is imperfect, it is not fundamentally corrupt or rigged against one party.

General elections are primarily run at the state level. In 40 states, elections are overseen by a secretary of state or lieutenant governor. Of those 40 states, 25 of them are Republican and 15 are Democrats, according to Election Line, a nonpartisan, non-advocacy clearinghouse of election information.

“In 20 years covering elections, I have not seen anything less than the highest level of professionalism by election officials across the country,” said David Becker, election expert for the Pew Charitable Trusts. “The voters can feel secure that the results they see on election night represent the true will of the people.”

Daniel Tokaji, a professor at the Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University, said he's "not quite sure exactly what Mr. Trump had in mind with this statement.

Tokaji added that there have been many improvements in the way we vote -- especially in voting technology -- that have increased reliability.

David Norcross, who was Chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association in 2012, said he does not “believe there is any evidence that the 2012 election was stolen.”

But, he said, “that is not to say that our elections are without fraud or that fraud could not impact the outcome of an election."

"Mr. Trump is correct that voters need to keep an eye on their elections this November,” said the group’s founder Catherine Engelbrecht.