Feds Deploy Agents to Fight Baltimore's Record Slayings

The "B-Fed" effort includes the FBI and Secret Service.

— -- Federal agents have joined with Baltimore police as part of a wide-reaching effort to curb the recent violence that one expert says appears to be modeled on Los Angeles’ response to the 1992 riots.

The collaboration, which Davis dubbed “B-Fed,” comes after two people were fatally shot in Baltimore in the first two days of August, on top of the 45 killings that took place in the city in July, making it the city’s deadliest month in 43 years, according to The Associated Press.

Gomez, now a consultant for ABC News, said Baltimore police “clearly need assistance from various agencies and now they’re going to get it.”

“Obviously, they’re overwhelmed,” he added.

“It’s a snowball effect from the time that the riots began moving forward … Violence begets violence and the criminals are feeling empowered to commit more crime,” Gomez said.

One of the benefits of calling in the federal agents, Gomez said, was that in addition to using the extra resources available at the federal level, they will be able to take on more cases that may have been passed over if the extra staff weren’t on hand.

“They'll authorize the federal agencies ... basically to investigate and take in cases that normally may not meet the prosecuting threshold and that’s because of the rise in violence and the federal government along with the state of Maryland are reprioritizing and committing their agencies to take on cases that will help deal with the rise in violence in Baltimore,” he said.