Ferguson, Eric Garner Protesters Clash With Police Across Country

Protests turned violent in California and Seattle.

— -- Hundreds of people took to the streets this weekend in cities across the country in protest against the killing of unarmed black men in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City. Here's an update on where police and marchers clashed.

Peaceful Protests in Berkeley, California, Turn Violent

A protest in Berkeley Saturday night turned violent when protesters began to throw bricks, pipes and smoke grenades at police officers, police told ABC News. Officers responded by releasing tear and smoke gas on some demonstrators.

Some individuals broke away from the main protest group and went through several Berkeley neighborhoods, vandalizing cars and breaking windows. They also looted businesses, including a Trader Joe's, a Radio Shack and a Wells Fargo Bank. Numerous police cars were also vandalized.

Police responded to violent demonstrators by using smoke and tear gas on crowds who refused to disperse. It is unclear how many arrests were made or how many injuries were reported.

Demonstrators in California Struck in Hit-and-Run

A handful of protesters in Riverside, California, were struck by a BMW that drove through a large crowd Saturday evening, according to ABC’s Los Angeles station KABC.

One of the protesters hit was Nikohl Vandel. She told KABC she was hit in the stomach by the BMW's side-view mirror. She saw four other people hit by the BMW, she told KABC.

None of the protesters had major injuries, police told KABC. Police are searching for the dark-colored BMW.

Seattle Protesters Arrested After Getting Violent With Police

Seattle police arrested seven protesters Saturday after demonstrators "pushed against officers and began throwing rocks,” The Associated Press reported.

One protester pushed an officer and jumped on his back, according to The AP.

Of the seven arrests, five people were charged with assault and two were charged with pedestrian interference.

They have been booked into King County Jail.