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Gen. Martin Dempsey to David Muir: Song intended to inspire Americans facing 'tough times'

Former chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff and Army band Downrange send a message.

The retired former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Army band, Downrange, first released their rendition of the song "America" on Thursday to ABC News.

They said it was a message not only for Americans on the front lines all over the U.S., but also for families persevering as the pandemic continues to grip the nation.

"Oh, let me tell you that I love you. That I think about you all the time. America, you're calling us. Still are home sweet home," the group sings in a video.

On Thursday, Sgt. Maj. Christal Rheams of Fort Myer, Virginia, sent ABC News anchor David Muir a message on why the band had decided to perform the song.

"We did this project because as military musicians, it's our duty to instill strength and stability in a nation through music," Rheams told Muir. "What we hope to achieve with this project is we hope to improve morale and raise the spirits as only music can. We hope you enjoy this project and we hope you get the virtual hug that we're reaching out to give you."

"And if we let this crisis change us, you know that it would make me more than sad. America, you're everything I've ever had," the singers continue.

Dempsey, a retired four-star general, shared with Muir on Thursday the reason behind military bands: "to inspire, to encourage and to remind us of who we are in the toughest of times."

"So, we began to wonder if there was a way we could send a similar message to our fellow citizens who themselves are going through the very tough times related to COVID-19," Dempsey told Muir.

"I want to thank you for helping us introduce it to America," he told Muir. "Army strong. America strong."