Georgia Firefighters Rescue Puppy From Deep Well

See how the yellow Labrador was rescued by firefighters.

— -- There wasn’t water at the bottom of this well — but there was a puppy.

The Cherokee County Fire Department in Georgia rescued a 2- to 3-month old yellow Labrador puppy from the bottom of a 75-foot well Sunday morning, an official told ABC News today.

The homeowners told Cherokee County Fire Department spokesman Tim Cavender they saw the stray yellow Labrador and a black Labrador the day before. The next morning, they were awoken by the black Lab barking before they discovered the yellow pup down in the well.

“I don’t think anyone knows how it got down there for sure, but right now we’re guessing it just fell in,” Cavender said.

The rescue team was able to set up their tripod device and send firefighter Brendan O’Brian 75 feet down. He came back up with the puppy in his arms and firefighters gave it oxygen.

“Animal control in the county took both of them to be checked out and they’re looking for the owners,” Cavender said.

If the owners can’t be found, the homeowners are interested in adopting both Labs.

“This was one of those textbook operations,” Cavender said. “Our guys are trained in technical large animal rescue where learn how to rescue anything from dogs to horses. They knew exactly what to do yesterday.”