'Socialite' Allegedly Kills Son, 9, in N.Y.C Hotel, Attempts Suicide

New York police today discovered the body of a 9-year old autistic boy in a luxury Manhattan hotel room, possibly strangled to death by his "socialite" mother who was found nearby suffering the effects of a botched suicide, sources told ABC News.

Gigi Jordan, 49, distraught over the recent end of her marriage, checked in to the Peninsula Hotel where she allegedly killed the boy and then tried to kill herself by taking an overdose of drugs, police said.

Police say she was taken to Bellevue Hospital in New York City for treatment.

Police described Jordan as a "socialite," and family friend told ABC News.com that Jordan was "a very wealthy woman who threw big parties at the Rainbow Room and was well known at restaurants."

Jordan was on her second marriage and was having troubles with her husband, the boy's father, sources said.

According to public records, Jordan lives at the tony Trump Tower on the west side of New York's Central Park and at one time operated a pharmaceutical distribution company.

Local media reports said police were tipped off to her possible suicide attempt by Jordan's aunt, living in Belgium, who received an e-mail threatening suicide.