Gordo the Dog, Breakout Star of LA Car Chase, Is Going to Be OK

Pup struck during high-speed chase will need surgery.

— -- The resilient pooch caught in the middle of a high-speed Los Angeles car chase is recovering after being hit, and he’s expected to be OK, the hospital told ABC News today.

“He’s in good spirits for the most part,” Shea Heagle of the City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center said.

His hind legs are "severely damaged" and he will need surgery.

The center's phone has been ringing off the hook with people who want to donate to Gordo the Maltese, who was struck by a speeding white van during Wednesday night’s wild chase, ABC’s Los Angeles station KABC reported.

The driver of a stolen white van allegedly refused to pull over for police, which sparked the chase throughout South Los Angeles. The van veered onto sidewalks, drove into oncoming traffic and lost at least two tires before police successfully pitted the vehicle.

But spectators appeared to be more worried about the tiny dog, who disappeared for a short while after he was struck. His plight even sparked its own hashtag online: #SaveTheWhiteDog.

He was found late last night and rushed to the Culver City animal hospital, where he’s in stable condition.

The hospital has been in touch with Gordo's owner. People who want to donate to Gordo's medical costs can do so through Access Specialty Animal Hospitals' website.

Two suspects are in custody related to the police chase.