Great-grandfather finally gets his Christmas song played on the radio after 54 years

Johnny Gondesen said his children inspired his song "Christmas Is Here."

Johnny Gondesen, 83, of Cypress, Texas, hoped to hear a song that he'd made, which his family had played in his home for years, played everywhere for all to hear.

On Dec. 4, his wish came true, thanks to Houston radio station 104.1 KRBE's "The Roula & Ryan Show."

Gondesen, who played in a band when he was younger, was inspired in 1965 to write a song after hearing his children say "ho, ho, ho" whenever they saw Christmas trees.

He named the song "Christmas Is Here."

"I stayed up to 3 o'clock in the morning and I wrote the song, the words to it," he told Houston ABC affiliate KTRK-TV in November.

Gondesen recorded the song and even had records made. He also starred in a homemade music video, but the song never made it to the radio despite his multiple attempts.

"I would love the song to go all around the whole world, and all the children could hear it," he told KTRK-TV. "I'm 83 now and I want something to happen to this song before, you know, I go meet my maker."

This year, his children and grandchildren spread the word about his wish. There was a YouTube video as well as a story on KTRK-TV and a post on iTunes.

Finally, the family's message reached 104.1 KRBE in Houston. The station liked what it heard and invited Gondesen to hear his song played live on the radio.

Nearly 54 years after the great-grandfather had written and recorded the family song, he was able to see -- and hear -- his wish finally come true.

"It’s happened! How do you feel?" the hosts asked him on Dec. 4 in a video that was posted to Instagram.

"I feel wonderful," he said.