New Hampshire House Explodes After Police Officer Fatally Shot

Officer Steve Arkell, 48, fatally shot as he responded to domestic dispute call.

May 12, 2014— -- A New Hampshire police officer was fatally shot today while responding to a domestic dispute call at a home that subsequently exploded, authorities said.

Police Officer Steve Arkell, 48, was fatally shot upon entering the house, located in a development called Mill Pond Crossing, a retirement community, New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster said.

VIDEO: Police Officer Killed, House Explodes in N.H.

Another police officer arrived at the home, but was driven out by gunfire, Foster said.

Foster identified the alleged shooter as Michael Nolan, 47, the son of the home's owner, Walter Nolan, 86.

Shortly after the gunfire, fire broke out at the house, followed by a dramatic explosion, caught on video by a news helicopter hovering overhead.

Michael Nolan was killed by fire or explosion, Foster said.

Arkell was a part-time police officer, and has two daughters, said Brentwood Police Chief Wayne Robinson.

A neighbor told the Associated Press that she saw Walter Nolan, 86, being taken from the scene by ambulance before she was evacuated from the area due to the fire.

Arkell was flown to Exeter Hospital, and the state Attorney General's office has taken control of the investigation, authorities said.

Neighboring houses were evacuated and firefighters initially stayed away from the blaze because of the suspected shooting, police said.

ABC News' Miseon Lee contributed to this report.