Hero 911 dispatcher meets the baby boy she helped to save from choking

"He smiled at me like he knew me," the dispatcher said.

A 911 dispatcher helped a mother when her child stopped breathing. Months later, she met the boy whose life she saved.

Tennie “Tee” Roberts received a 911 call in November 2017 from Heather Watson.

Watson's four-week-old son, Dallas, was not breathing and turning blue.

“All I could think about was I cherish being a mother so much and is this opportunity and privilege going to be taken away from me,” Watson told ABC News.

Over the phone, Roberts advised Watson how to perform CPR on the baby boy.

Five months later, Roberts was surprised when Dallas and his mom walked into her office.

“I wanted to let her know her hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed,” Watson said. “She was the calm in my storm.”

“I was overwhelmed,” Roberts told ABC News. “It was amazing. Such a blessing to see them, and he smiled at me like he knew me.”

A video captured the happy encounter between the three.

“You have to put [emotions] aside, once the call is over adrenaline hits and you’re like wow that just happened," Roberts said. "But on the call you just focus on the individual and the child."