Holly Bobo Search: Country Star Whitney Duncan Says Brother Not a Suspect

PHOTO: The parents of abducted 20-year-old Holly Bobo made an emotional appeal for help in finding their daughter today.PlayFamily Handout
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Country singing star Whitney Duncan, cousin of missing Tennessee woman Holly Bobo, told bloggers today to "shut up" about rumors that Bobo's brother may have been involved in the abduction.

"My cousin, Clint, Holly's brother, is not a suspect and I'm sick of people saying that he is. He has been cleared for good reason," Duncan tweeted. "Shut up."

Clint Bobo, 25, saw a man dressed in camouflage lead his sister, Holly, into the woods near the family's Parsons, Tenn., home last Wednesday. Bobo's brother wasn't worried because he thought the man was his sister's boyfriend, who is an avid hunter, police have said. Clinto Bobo became alarmed, however, when he spotted blood in the driveway and called 911.

Police previously said that Clint Bobo and the missing woman's boyfriend were not suspects, but on Monday police said that no one had been ruled out in the 20-year-old woman's disappearance.

Duncan told ABC News Monday that rumors about her cousin were frustrating. "For people who are going through such a hard time, that's the last thing we want to hear," Duncan said.

A family spokesperson echoed Duncan's declaration of Clint Bobo's innocence.

"Clint is a wonderful young man and as a character witness for him, I would rule out any kind of rumors on Clint and the family would feel comfortable with me saying that as well," said Kevin Bromley, a spokesman for the Bobo family.

The search to find the missing nursing student stretches into a sixth day with a new reward of $75,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever kidnapped Bobo.

Gov. Bill Haslam approved a $50,000 reward from the state, in addition to a $25,000 reward already offered by Bobo's community.

Investigators believe Bobo's abductor lives in or near the 20-year-old college student's town of Parsons, Tenn., and have asked her neighbors to report any unusual activity or a break in peoples' routine those noticed in recent days.

Search for Holly Bobo Now in Sixth Day

"The person responsible for Holly's disappearance lives in the area," said Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. "Because of the terrain, you have to know where you're going, entrances and exits. We feel the person is in the community. We're asking the community if you know someone who has changed their routine, please let us know."

Gwyn said signs of suspicious activity include calling in sick to work over the past week, excessively cleaning a car or all-terrain vehicle, or unexpectedly selling a vehicle.

He said there is no person of interest in the case, but said police are following more than 250 leads.

Police have collected several pieces of evidence in the woods near Bobo's home, but Gwyn said it could be days before those objects could be analyzed and determined whether they are linked to Bobo.

The only evidence police have found and made public were Bobo's lunch purse and some blood.

Gwyn said it is possible Bobo's abductor led the woman to a vehicle left on a road, accessible through the woods, and drove away.

He said investigators still believe Bobo is in the state, but the FBI would get involved if there was evidence to suggest otherwise.