Hurricane Harvey survivor reflects 2 years on

"You just got to not give up and always think positive," said Iashia Nelson.

HOUSTON -- Two years ago last month, Iashia Nelson of Houston was standing on top of her sister's roof as floodwaters rushed below her.

"Please help us. I'm scared," she said during a live interview with "Good Morning America."

Nelson and her family were eventually rescued by good Samaritans hours after the interview aired. But she ended up losing her home in the storm and having to start over.

Two years later, scars from the storm still linger. Nelson said her youngest son can't handle driving down the street where they were rescued and he still suffers when there's a rainstorm.

"If it's raining really hard, he'd be like, 'We have to move, it's gonna flood'. You know, he's still terrified," said Nelson.

But, the seeds she planted after years of hard work are also starting to bloom. She says she is nearing the end of the process to buy her first house and one of her sons just graduated high school.

"Life for me right now -- I don't take nothing for granted and I'm living my everyday life like is my last day," said Nelson.

"You just got to not give up and always think positive," she added.

Watch the video above for a two-year check-in with Nelson as part of "The Briefing Room"'s special coverage of the Democratic debates in Houston.