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Smithsonian to open new fossil exhibit with focus on climate change
By Stephanie Ebbs and Janet Weinstein
June 4, 2019 Story from Politics Stephanie Ebbs, Janet Weinstein , ABC News
Flint 5 years later: Water crisis still looms large
By Janet Weinstein and Jon Schlosberg
July 31, 2019 Story from US Janet Weinstein, Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
An inside tour of NASA's Johnson Space Center robotics design area
By Janet Weinstein
September 11, 2019 Story from US Janet Weinstein , ABC News
Somalian restaurant opens 'window to Africa' in central Ohio
By Ellie Smith and Janet Weinstein
October 15, 2019 Story from US Ellie Smith , Janet Weinstein , ABC News
Michigan's Muslim community responds to Trump's rhetoric
By Jon Schlosberg and Janet Weinstein
July 31, 2019 Story from Politics Jon Schlosberg, Janet Weinstein , ABC News
Push for tiny houses help solve homelessness in Detroit
By Janet Weinstein
July 31, 2019 Story from US Janet Weinstein , ABC News
'I feel safe': One asylee reflects on her journey to the US
By Janet Weinstein
September 12, 2019 Story from International Janet Weinstein , ABC News
Denied because they're deaf: Why one Maryland school continues to host unofficial cadet program
By Janet Weinstein and Stephanie Ramos
February 18, 2020 Story from US Janet Weinstein, Stephanie Ramos , ABC News
Rural hospital closures leave residents with few options: 'It's a fight every day'
By Quinn Scanlan and Janet Weinstein
June 30, 2019 Story from Politics Quinn Scanlan, Janet Weinstein , ABC News
DC restaurants share their kitchens with refugee and asylum-seeker guest chefs
By Janet Weinstein
June 20, 2019 Story from Lifestyle Janet Weinstein , ABC News
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